Thanks to our revolutionary Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD), Toyota has won more ecoENERGY Awards,
recognizing the most fuel-efficient vehicles in Canada, than any other manufacturer. HSD combines
all the benefits of a gas engine with the clean efficiency of an electric motor and Toyota Hybrids
are up to 70% cleaner than conventional gas burning engines and diesels.**

What makes HSD so dynamic is its ability to operate in three distinct modes: gas only,
electric only, or a seamless combination of both. Two core technologies make it all possible —
a power-split device and sophisticated energy management system. Together, they constantly
monitor driving conditions and seamlessly manage power flows to achieve the highest possible
efficiency without ever sacrificing performance.

Starting Up:

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Press the Power Button, and go — quickly and silently. At start-up only the electric motor is engaged,
saving fuel and delivering instant torque, while producing zero emissions.

Accelerating & Cruising:


As your need for speed increases — for example, when merging, passing or maintaining
highway speeds — the gas engine and electric motor team up to provide the ideal mix of
mechanical and electrical power for smooth, seamless acceleration all while maximizing
fuel efficiency and minimizing emissions. Any excess energy created is used to help
re-charge the battery.

Decelerating & Breaking:


Take your foot off the accelerator or touch the brake pedal and the electric motor
takes over — saving fuel and eliminating emissions. At the same time, the Regenerative
Braking System kicks in, converting braking energy into electric energy to help
re-charge the Hybrid Battery.



Come to a complete halt, at a stoplight or a stop sign, and the gas
engine shuts down completely,
once again conserving fuel and
limiting emissions. However, if the Hybrid Battery is running low,
the gas engine intuitively starts up
to provide re-charging power.

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